Charity OrganiZations supported by Tillotts



Christmas Donation to Nepal

Clumb foot NepalAs in recent years, Tillotts donated money which was saved by switching to electronic Christmas greetings as opposed to sending Christmas cards by post. Due to the impressive
travel report from our CEO, Thomas A. Tóth, following his visit to the children with disability in Nepal, Tillotts decided to donate 10’000 CHF to CBM Switzerland (Christoffel Blinden-mission,, which supports the non-profit organization in Nepal called FOD (Friends of Disabled- click here to read more).

 It is our hope that our contribution will bring some joy, happiness and courage to these children.

 Christmas Card 2012

Sorgentelefon - There is always someone listening to our children

Since 34 years, the private institution Sorgentelefon (a children’s helpline), offers children a open ear to their worries and needs. What started with a simple phone helpline and letter answering service, is today a professional multimedia service via phone, email and SMS provide children with life- and crisis coaching as well as other helpful advice.

In memory of the founder Heinz Peyer, who died of cancer in 2005, his family offers this special service to all children in Switzerland free of charge.

Tillotts would like to support such helpful organizations with their important work and in doing so, donated 300 CHF at Christmas.

Offical Homepage Sorgentelefon (German)


Colourful Flower Necklaces to help Nepalese Children with disability

On our yearly summer BBQ event, Tillotts employees and their families where able to buy colourful flower necklaces to help the non-profit organization in Nepal called FOD (Friends of Disabled) which is supported by CBM Switzerland (Christoffel Blindenmission, The colourful necklaces did not only brighten up the event (see pictures), but hopefully brightened up several children’s life in Nepal. All Tillotts employees managed to collect 1’443 CHF in one evening and this was donated to “Friends of Disabled”!

Thanks to all Tillotts employees and your families for your commitment!



Support for children in Nepal with physical disability
In December 2011 Tillotts donated trough the development organization CBM Switzerland (Chri-stoffel Blindenmission, CHF 10'000 to a non-profit organization in Nepal called FOD (Friends of Disabled). FOD supports children with physical disability in Nepal by running close Kathmandu an orthopaedic hospital with a rehabilitation centre.

With our donation we would like to bring a  sense of normality, mobility and hope to these children!
Christmas Card 2011

Trip report Nepal 2012 


Collection for victims of Japanese earthquake

Tillotts employees have spontaneously decided to support the victims of the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami in Japan. During a two week fund raising exercise CHF 10'000 have been collected for donating directly to those employees of Zeria who have been affected by this disaster. We hope that our contribution will help our colleagues to cope with this difficult situation. As a Japanese proverb says: Fall down seven times, get up eight!


135 kg of cuddly toys for "Hyvong"

In February 2011 Tillotts employees collected cuddly toys and – with the support of Credit Suisse - caps, writing pads, shirts and pens for the charity organisation Hyvong. This German organisation supports orphans and disabled children in a number of villages in Vietnam. All together 135 kg of toys were gathered and shipped directly to one of the orphanages supported by Hyvong in Kontum, Vietnam.



Support for Vietnamese children's home

CHF 8'500 was donated to the German charity organi-sation Hyvong.

This organisation supports orphans and disabled children in a number of villages in Vietnam. Our donation will help to buy food, medicine and provide education. "Hyvong" is Vietnamese and means "hope"; It is OUR hope that this small contribution will bring joy and hope to these children living in poverty.
Christmas Card 2010


Donation for "Kinderspitex Nordwestschweiz"

CHF 5'500 was donated to Kinderspitex Nordwestschweiz.

This Swiss organisation provides integrated home care for premature and/or ill babies, and sick or handicapped children. This support from Kinderspitex and their professional nurses often helps to shorten or avoid hospitalisation. But most importantly it allows these children to be at home and enjoy time with their families.
Christmas Card 2009


CHF 5200 donated for children in Honduras

The organisation El Refugio is based in the village next to the Tillotts facility in Ziefen and supports a children's home in Honduras, Central America. It is a home for orphans, and children coming from extreme poverty or very difficult family backgrounds.
Christmas Card 2008