Welcome to Tillotts Services

Tillotts Services is an integrated Contract research (CRO) and Contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) that specialises in liquidfill encapsulation using two-piece, hard-shell capsules (Gelatine, HPMC, etc.).

Tillotts Services is an operating division of Tillotts Pharma AG which in 2009 was acquired by Zeria Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, a publically-listed (the First Sections of Tokyo Stock Exchange) pharmaceutical company. Being part of a global, financially secure and integrated company is a key requirement for many of our customers.

We offer a wide range of pre-formulation, formulation development, clinical supply (Phases I to IV) and commercial scale manufacturing services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutraceutical and product development companies throughout the world.


Our integrated services include:

  • Pre-formulation development studies to fully understand and predict formulation development options for both NCE’s and older drugs
  • Excipient screening for new formulation options using our ExcipBaseTM database and high-throughput ExcipScreenTM services, saving our Customers both development time and costs
  • New formulation solutions for poorly water soluble drugs (BSC Class II)
  • Drug delivery technologies (coating)
  • Finished drug product supply and packaging throughout the clinical trials process (Phases I through to IV), complaint with EU Clinical Trials Directive, including QP release
  • The commercial production of drug product for market launch and throughout the product lifecycle
  • Life-Cycle management solutions including the re-design of older formulation to improve drug release and bioavailability or re-targeting. This can sometimes lead to the creation of new intellectual property and facilitate life-cycle extension strategies for near-patent expired products
  • These services are supported by state-of-the-art analytical testing, QA and QC departments. Our fully GMP compliant development and manufacturing facility is based in Ziefen, near Basel, Switzerland and is routinely inspected by Swissmedic and regularly audited by our customers

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