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Meet the HR Team

The Human Resources department is a centre of trust – sparring partner for business and people development at Tillotts Pharma. We dare and we care with an open door and an open ear for our people and issues about business, organisation and processes. The whole team is located in Rheinfelden and will gladly answer your questions.

General contact:

Gabriella Schraner

Head of Human Resources

+41 61 935 2651

Jelena Simic

Team Lead HR Services

+41 61 935 2695

Sandra Fiorese

Senior Manager Compensation & Controlling

+41 61 935 2681

Beatrice Strub

Senior Manager HR Operations

+41 61 935 2658

Sandra Hochstrasser

Senior Manager HR Operations

+41 61 9352 792

Stefanie Fuhrler

Manager HR Services

+41 61 9352 647

Michelle Mohan

Associate HR Services

+41 61 935 2601