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Tillotts is dedicated to the development, in/out-licensing and marketing of innovative pharmaceutical products in the field of gastroenterology. We look for opportunities to partner with innovative companies and academic institutions involved in GI-related diseases or ailments, which have had high medical need. Ultimately, Tillotts strives to improve disease management for people with GI-diseases.

Whether you are a small company looking to commercialise your investigational product or a larger company looking to divest, you can be confident that Tillotts will provide a dedicated team offering sound insight and expertise. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, and our experienced business development team is available to offer commercial, regulatory and technology-transfer support to companies of all sizes while ensuring a smooth transition for a successful long-term collaboration.

Tillotts Pharma AG, part of the Japanese Zeria Group, is a fast-growing specialty pharma company with over 300 employees in Switzerland and abroad. Tillotts is dedicated to the development, acquisition and commercialisation of innovative pharmaceutical products for the digestive system. Tillotts successfully markets its own products for the treatment of IBD and Clostridoides difficile infection (CDI) as well as in-licensed products in around 65 countries through its affiliates within Europe and a network of partners throughout the world.

We continue to proactively seek new partnerships for products for the digestive system and we invite our potential partners to explore the opportunities we can offer.