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Product safety

Tillotts continuously monitors the safety of all Tillotts’ products by collecting information regarding side effects associated with the use of our products. If you experience a side effect while using a Tillotts’ product, or you become aware of such an event, we kindly ask you to inform us by completing the respective online form. The main purpose of the online form is to provide a quick and easy route for the reporting of a side effect associated with the use of one of our products.

Tillotts Pharma recommends that patients contact their doctor or another healthcare professional if they experience a side effect.

Why is it important to collect and evaluate side effects?

Tillotts Pharma’s highest priority and responsibility is the safety and well-being of patients. By reporting side effects related to our products, you are helping us as we continuously monitor the safety data of all our products so that any changes to the benefit/risk balance can be detected in a timely manner. Safety information is provided to patients and healthcare professionals to support an informed choice regarding the use of a medicinal product.

To report a side effect, please click on the red button below.

Product safety