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Why partner with us

As our track record shows, we are flexible when it comes to form a partnership. Our lean and efficient processes enable us to execute deals quickly, rapidly integrate new business opportunities and generate revenue growth. Decisions can be made, and deals are closed timely and in compliance with our partners given timelines as proven in the past. Direct access to Tillotts Board of Directors enables fast decision-making. 


Our track record 

Three examples from our track record demonstrate our strengths and the size of the deal that we are looking for: 


  • Since 1984, the Asacol franchise, as the first-line treatment in IBD, has enabled us to build strong relations with healthcare professionals and grow steadily. 
  • In 2015, we acquired the rights relating to Entocort (excl. US) for USD 215 million and quickly made it a success thanks to it being a perfect match with our IBD core competency. 
  • In 2020, we acquired Dificlir (excl. the US and few selected countries) for USD 129 million, an innovative specialty product in our second therapeutic area. Despite entering a new therapeutic area, we have nearly tripled its sales in just three years. 


In 2023, our Board of Directors mandated us to secure a significant investment in an M&A asset. 


Reach out to us for more information about our track record in partnering and capabilities.