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The OPTICORE™ coating technology comprises two trigger systems and an accelerator and is designed to allow targeted drug release in the large intestine to improve local and/or systemic drug bioavailability.

OPTICORE™ stands for OPTImized COlonic RElease. The system consists of an outer coating layer comprising a pH-sensitive polymer and polysaccharide whose disintegration is triggered by both pH and intestinal bacterial enzymes. An inner coating layer accelerates the dissolution of the outer coating, and is designed to accelerate the release of the active ingredient as soon as the tablet reaches the target region. The pH-sensitive and enzyme-sensitive triggers, together with the accelerator of the inner layer, are designed to open the tablet starting from the ileo-colonic junction to make the active ingredient available throughout the colon.

The OPTICORE™ technology is suitable for any type of solid dosage forms, including larger single unit dosage forms and is designed to ensure colon targeted delivery especially in challenging conditions like ulcerative colitis. The coating has been validated in vivo on tablets as well as on capsules.

To learn more about OPTICORE™, watch our video animation below:

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OPTICORE™ (patents pending) has been developed by Tillotts Pharma, based on the Phloral™ technology. The rights to the OPTICORE™ (patents pending) technology, including the rights to the trademark, are owned by Tillotts Pharma AG in various countries.