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A Japanese Touch

When the new office in Salmenpark was built, it was important to incorporate the employees’ needs and wishes for a new, modern office. With their input in mind, the result is a modern work place that has been developed to ensure that the final outcome meets their expectations and requirements, to allow them to perform at the highest level.

One of the main requests was to include areas for regeneration, giving them a possibility to switch off and reduce stress whenever needed. In addition, Tillotts wanted to pay tribute to our Japanese parent company, Zeria Pharmaceuticals, and thank them for the continuous trust and support over the past years. With this in mind, we developed a vision for the new regeneration area.

On Monday 17 December, the vision became reality as Tillotts opened the doors to “Little Japan” for the first time. To set the tone and mark this joyful event, we invited the employees to a traditional Japanese tea ceremony while learning more about the project and the features of the room. This allowed them to fully experience the beautiful design.

A couple of impressions from the opening and the beautiful room can be found below. Konnichiwa to Little Japan!

Opening of Little Japan, 17 December 2018