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Happy New Year

At Tillotts, we show our employees appreciation and say thank you for their hard work and contribution throughout the year – especially for their dedication and commitment to drive the business during the challenges in the face of the Corona pandemic.

At the beginning of each year tradition wants it that Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Thomas A. Tóth von Kiskér and Chief Operations Officer (COO) Mattias Norrman bake cakes for the employees, handing out cake as a “thank you” and start the year on a sweet note.

In 2021, the current situation does not allow to carry out this tradition. Instead, the CEO and COO surprised all Tillotts employees, in Switzerland and in all seven affiliates, with a “2020 Year-End and Happy New Year 2021” message. This message did not only include a big Thank You, but also a personalised box of sweets for each employee. These gestures were highly appreciated:

“Thank you for the sweets and for your words in the video. That was a veeery nice idea!” – Aline

“Dear Tillotts Management, thank you so very much for your lovely Year-End Gift!! It was a big surprise. And also, please accept my sincere gratitude, how well Tillotts … has treated us employees during this odd, and time to time, very challenging Covid-year 2020. Small gestures, like the virtual Tillotts BBQ and this lovely gift, combined with excellent information given during virtual info events/TASC & e-mails, mean a lot for us working alone on the field. It is a privilege to work for such a pharma company as Tillotts is. We are treated, not only well, but very well.” – Taina

“Thank you for this nice surprise! Have a good day and holiday season!” – Derhen

I would like to deeply thank you for this very nice gift… very much appreciated. Thank you also for your permanent support during the year. I am very proud to work for such a company, with deep values which recognized also employees’ commitment. I wish you all the best for 2021.” – David

On behalf of the UK team, please accept our gratitude for such generous gifts this Christmas. The vouchers have been sent out and the cookies received. We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year, let’s hope 2021 see a return to a more normal way of life.” – Jeremy

“First of all I wish you a happy & healthy new year. Thank you very much for the great Christmas surprise, which was in my mailbox on Christmas Eve. I really appreciated that.” – Tina

“Many thanks to Tillotts for the great experience voucher for all of us. Wish you a great new year.” – Lidija

“First of all, I wish you and your family a happy and healthy new year 2021. I also wanted to thank you very much for the Basler Leckerli and the Jochen Schweizer voucher. That was really a great gift and the voucher also a nice surprise.” – Rüdiger

“Happy New Year and thanks so much for the generous Christmas gift! It made me very happy!” – Melanie

“Happy New Year! Thank you very much for my box of Laeckerli which arrived today – this is one of my (and my boys) favourite things from Switzerland!  Harry and James also say thank you 🙂.”- Kelly

“I wish you a good start and all the best in the new year. Thank you very much for the nice and generous Christmas surprise! I was very happy about it.” – Paolino

“All of us from the production and packaging would like to thank you very much for the very generous Voucher for Jochen Schweizer, which we definitely did not expect and are very very happy about. Thank you very much again.” – Production & Packaging

“I hope you have started well into 2021. For the coming year, I wish you all the best and especially good health. Thank you for the fine treats before the holidays. I was very happy about the “surprise” envelope. Thank you very much for it. I am already trying to figure out what I should choose.” – Ursula

“Many thanks for your Christmas surprise & generous gift! It is very difficult to make a choice, Jochen Schweizer offers so many thrilling things to do… My current favourite is a parachute jump but it is difficult to get the family’s consent…” – Sergio

The Spanish team received your super-presents (voucher and cookies) and they are all really excited about it!  I am here representing all of them (not only myself) to thank you for it and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021 – Sergio and TP Iberia

“My biscuits have arrived today!!!  I thought the postman might have eaten them………… I’m now about to enjoy them with a cup coffee : ) Many many thanks for the generous voucher too – I have a new microwave, curtesy of Tillotts.” – Sophie

“Happy New Year! Thank you very much for the surprise Year-end gift, it is very much appreciated 🙂 Looking forward to an inspiring, exciting and successful 2021 together.” – Lara

Would you like to support the Tillotts employees and make your contribution to Tillotts’ success? Visit our open positions and maybe you will also be surprised next year.