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Happy Three Kings’ Day

For many people, Monday 6 January 2020 marked the first day back in the office. This is not only the start of a new year but also of a new decade with new goals and a new vision in sight.

Monday 6 January is, however, also Three Kings’ Day (Dreiköngstag or Heilige Drei Könige), which is a special day in Switzerland. Tradition has it that on this day, you bake sweet buns topped with sugar and/or nut, which are put together in the shape of a crown to honour the Three Kings. In one of the little buns, a small plastic king is hidden, and whoever gets the king is crowned the king of the day.

To start the year on a positive note and to thank the employees for their contribution in 2019, our Executive Committee took on the roles as the happy givers and brought home-made cake with them to the office and hid a plastic crown in one of the cakes. Congratulations to Caroline from our Regulatory Team on finding the king!

Here a couple of impressions of the festive event and of the newly crowned king (queen) of the day.

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