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Rewarding the extraordinary – an evening at the Baloise Session

For many years, Tillotts Pharma AG has been rewarding extraordinary performances throughout the company, be it employees in the Swiss headquarter or employees in our affiliates. We believe that when someone shows dedication and commitment and live out our values, a special reward is deserved.

Therefore, since 2011, we send a number of employees to the yearly Baloise Session in Basel. The Baloise Session is an indoor music festival, featuring nationally and internationally renowned artists from all over the world representing various music genres.

This year, 12 employees were chosen by the internal jury to celebrate an extraordinary evening together with Swiss artist Alina Amuri and world-renowned singer and songwriter John Legend.


Some of this year’s happy winners © Tillotts Pharma AG

The feedback from the participants was very positive and the evening was a great success. The atmosphere, the food and of course the performances from both artists were outstanding.

Congratulations to all the well-deserved winners!