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Winner of the Star Award 2020

In 2018, we launched the Star Award, which is a reward program to tribute the efforts and hard work of Tillotts’ employees. The Star Award is given to outstanding teams, unlike our other reward programs, the Honour Award and the Extra Mile Reward, which are given to individual employees for their exceptional performance.

As is the custom, we encouraged all Tillotts employees to propose teams for their outstanding performance during the year, submitting their reasoning why the proposed team should be recognised in this way. A committee evaluated all proposals and subsequently nominated four teams for the award. From these four nominations, all employees could vote anonymously  which team deserves the award the most.

The winner of the Star Award 2020, with 40% of the votes, is the team from our affiliate in the Czech Republic. Congratulations to the team! The TP Czech Republic team showed extraordinary performance, reaching fantastic results despite the difficult global situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Along their good results, the team shared learned best practices with the other Tillotts affiliates, displaying one of Tillotts’ values: collaboration – across departments and countries.

CONGRATULATIONS to the TP Czech Republic team on the 2020 Star Award! And a big THANK YOU to all nominated and also to the non-nominated teams for their commitment and achievements in 2020.