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Amsterdam UMC Practical Educational Workshops on IBD Management Sponsored by Tillotts Pharma AG

RHEINFELDEN, Switzerland, December 2, 2019 –As part of a long-standing educational alliance on Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) management, the European Postgraduate Gastro-Surgical School (EPGS) at Amsterdam UMC concluded the most recent Educational Workshops sponsored by Tillotts Pharma AG:

  • Masterclass in Colonoscopy” for experienced gastroenterologists and
  • IBD Nurse Course Advanced” for IBD nurses.


The EPGS steering committee, which includes Prof. G. D’Haens, Prof. P. Fockens, Dr. B. Bastiaansen and J. Zwager, independently devised the course programme to improve knowledge of IBD management with a particular focus on colonoscopy.

Colonoscopy remains an extremely useful procedure for the diagnosis and surveillance of IBD and for the screening of colorectal cancer (CRC), the third most common cause of cancer-related death worldwide, according to the latest estimates by the Global Cancer Observatory1. To detect early CRC and for the patient’s wellbeing, it is paramount for gastroenterologists to stay abreast with the most advanced colonoscopy procedures. “Improvements in colonoscopy preparation, adenoma detection and progress in endoscopic imaging are reducing the incidence and mortality of CRC,” commended
Dr. B. Bastiaansen. “This course will help physicians to improve their colonoscopy skills by focussing on high quality colonoscopy, characterization and recognition of different neoplastic lesions, polypectomy and advanced endoscopic resection techniques.”

Masterclass in Colonoscopy
19 gastroenterologists, who aimed to improve their colonoscopy skills and gain practical insights on daily IBD management, attended the two-day workshop. During day one, the participants expanded their knowledge on IBD monitoring by transabdominal ultrasound and cross-sectional imaging, endoscopic assessments, modern treatment of Crohns’ disease, treatment of perianal fistulas and emerging therapies in IBD. The hands-on programme continued on day two with a practical session on endoscopic removal of polyps with live cases alternating with lectures on advanced colonoscopy techniques, including endoscopic full thickness resections, serrated polyps, polyposis and CRC detection. “Excellent discussion on clinical cases. The updates on IBD scoring, optical diagnosis and cold snare resection were very relevant to my clinical practice,” commented one of the physicians who attended the course.

IBD Nurse Course Advanced
During the course, 24 IBD nurses had the opportunity to gain practical knowledge about the incidence of IBD, medical treatment, pharmacokinetics of IBD drugs, therapeutic drug monitoring, diagnostic tools, future developments of IBD care, case study discussions and psychosocial aspects. One of the nurses said about the course: “Very practical and easy to apply to my IBD practise.  I’ve learned a lot about vaccination, travelling with IBD and pregnancy.”

The workshops, sponsored by Tillotts Pharma AG, took place last November at the at Amsterdam UMC,  location AMC. The next EPGS Educational Workshops in IBD Management sponsored by Tillotts Pharma AG will take place in 2020.

About the EPGS steering committee

Prof. G. D’Haens
Geert D’Haens is Professor of gastroenterology at Amsterdam UMC, where he leads a group of more than 35 IBD researchers. Prof. D’Haens is also Medical Director of Robarts Clinical Trials, chair of the International Organisation for study of IBD and one of the founders of the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation.

Prof. P. Fockens
Paul Fockens is Professor Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Chair of the Gastroenterology and Hepatology department of Amsterdam UMC. He is currently president of the United European Gastroenterology organization and is president of the EPGS.

Dr. B. Bastiaansen

Barbara Bastiaansen is a gastroenterologist at Amsterdam UMC with a specialty in CRC and large polyps.

J. Zwager

Jacolien Zwager is an IBD nurse at the MDL outpatient clinic in Amsterdam UMC. She completed the school of nursing at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam in 2011.

About EPGS

Founded in 1991 by the department of Gastroenterology and Surgery at Amsterdam UMC – location AMC of the University of Amsterdam, the EPGS’s mission is to expand knowledge in gastroenterology. The school is renowned for its interactive way of communication through live demonstrations of procedures and workshops with active discussions.

About Tillotts

Tillotts Pharma AG, part of the Japanese Zeria Group, is a specialty pharma company with more than 300 employees in Switzerland and abroad. Tillotts is engaged in advancing care and is committed to making a difference for the millions of people worldwide who suffer from GI-diseases. GI-health is our passionTM. © Copyright Tillotts Pharma AG. All rights reserved.

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(Source: Tillotts Pharma AG):

  • Portrait pictures of: (1) Prof. G. D’Haens, (2) Prof. P. Fockens, (3) Dr. B. Bastiaansen and (4) J. Zwager