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Employee opening event of new, modern office

Following the inauguration of the new office space in Salmenpark on March 5th, Tillotts Pharma AG (“Tillotts”) invited their Rheinfelden based employees to celebrate this joyous occasion. Read the press release on the new office opening here.

During the grand opening, CEO Thomas A. Tóth von Kiskér held a short speech, where he thanked the entire task force team that worked tirelessly on this important project and helped realise these new offices.

After the speech, all employees present were given the chance to explore, roam and discover the new infrastructure and all its new features.

Interesting conversations were held, there were curious glances and one could feel an overall excitement across the office space.

The new offices have now been in operation for two weeks, and bit by bit the 1400 m2 space is filled with life and productive work.

Feedback has overall been positive but Tillotts will continue to gather constant feedback from the employees working in the new workplace and use this to further improve the space and at a later stage implement this new set up in other offices in Switzerland.

Impressions from the celebration can be found below. (C) Tillotts Pharma AG

CEO Thomas A. Tóth with the entire task force team.