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Tillotts Year-End Party 2019

With affiliates in seven different countries and our headquarters located in Switzerland, the Tillotts employees are spread all over Europe, and it is not often that everyone gets the chance to meet up. Once a year, however, this changes when we meet up for our traditional Year-End Party at a venue close to Basel, Switzerland. Here, we thank our employees for the work they have done to advance GI-health and  wish each other a joyous festive season.

Every party has a different theme; this year it was “Carnival in Venice – Tillotts goes Baroque.” In extravagant and creative costumes, people celebrated the year that has passed in beautiful surroundings.

A traditional part of the evening is the company song. Although the song changes from year to year, the message is always the same: be thankful, humble and appreciative. Of course, a highlight of the evening was to find out who the winners of the 2019 Star Award Award – stay tuned to read more about the winning team soon!

Enjoy the beautiful pictures from the Tillotts Year-End Party 2019 below.

Pictures: Tillotts Pharma ©