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New Addition to the Tillotts Wall of Fame

In 2018, Tillotts introduced a new reward program: The Star Award. This award recognises teams that have contributed to the company’s success with outstanding performance throughout the year.

In addition to an engraved trophy to proudly present in their offices, the winning team is also honoured by being featured on the Tillotts Wall of Fame. So far, the two winning teams of 2018 and 2019, TP UK and the Finance Department respectively, were displayed on this wall. Now, with TP Czech Republic, the winner of the Star Award 2020, we have an additional team on the wall.

We hope that the honour of being mentioned on the Wall of Fame will inspire all of our employees to give it their all, so they become the next team that is celebrated in this way.

Would you like to join one of our passionate teams, contribute to Tillotts’ success and possibly take home fame and glory in 2021? Then check our open positions here.