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Winners of the Star Award 2019

Last year, we launched the Star Award to reward those extraordinary team performances, which we experience throughout the year. Contrary to the Honour Award (also previously known as the Baloise Award), this award focuses on an entire team and not individual contributions.

The winning team  of the Star Award 2019 was chosen by the employees, who were encouraged to propose teams eligible for the award. A committee then nominated five teams, who made it to the final round, where everyone could vote for their favourite team through anonymous online voting. More than 300 employees voted. Although it was a tight race between two candidates, the final result was clear – congratulations to the finance department, who earned around 33 % of the total votes.

The finance department has undergone a lot of change over the past years. They were chosen as worthy winners due to outstanding teamwork, handling budgets and tax queries for over 60 countries. By simplifying and digitalising processes, they have saved the company many hours of frustration and time spent on budgeting processes.

CONGRATULATIONS to the finance department for winning the Star Award 2019 and to all of the nominated teams for their performance and contribution!